Our Members

Since we started three years ago, the group has grown a lot and we  have  many members with the organization, we  have singers, Dancers, Orgnist, and many more. Almost of  these people have key positions with in the organization.

These are  the list of  our members:

  1. Harris H. Arku           (President)
  2. Jeremiah S. Smith      (Vice- President)
  3. Junior Osasa Quioh    (Member)
  4. Secret Luise
  5. Mercy M. Killie
  6. Danjoe E.J. Johnson
  7. Francisca B. Jah
  8. Francis S. Jah
  9. Victory T. Kollie
  10. Josephine J.W Johnson
  11. Hassan Morris
  12. Thomas Arku

Harris H. Arku (Directer/Writer

Harris H. Arku is  the Founder and CEO of  the Lightning Youth of Liberia, He is also a the Directer and the song writer of  the Organization. He is Specialized in Desktop Publishing, Graphic Designing and Website Designing. He is a High School Graduate and a Liberian born on the 24th day of August.

Tel: +231775269028


Email: arkuhhardin@gmail.com

Jeremiah S. Smith

Jeremiah S. Smith